Overview of previous ICAW's

The International Comet Assay Workshops are a series of scientific conferences dealing with practical and theoretical aspects of the Comet Assay, aimed at both experienced and new users of this popular technique. It began as a satellite to the 2nd International Conference on Environmental Mutagens in 1995. 

The first five meetings in this series were called simply 'Comet Assay Workshops'. 'International' was added in 2005. So far, all have been held in Europe. The most recent, 13th meeting, was hold in Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia





1995 1st Prague, Czech Republic
1997 2nd Croydon, England
1999 3rd Smolenice, Slovakia
2001 4th Ulm, Germany
2003 5th Aberdeen, Scotland
2005 6th Warsaw, Poland
2007 7th Coleraine, N.Ireland
2009 8th Perugia, Italy
2011 9th Kusadasi, Turkey
2013 10th Porto, Portugal
2015 11th Antwerp, Belgium
2017 12th Pamplona, Spain


4th ICAW, Ulm, Germany, 2001




7th ICAW, Coleraine, N-Ireland, 2007



9th ICAW, Kusadasi, Turkey, 2011



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