Comet Assay
 Special issue in Frontiers Research Topics


Comet Assay
 ICAW2015 report - submitted version

Citation to published paper: Gudrun Koppen, Amaya Azqueta, Bertrand Pourrut, Gunnar Brunborg, Andrew R. Collins, Sabine A. S. Langie; The next three decades of the comet assay: a report of the 11th International Comet Assay Workshop. Mutagenesis 2017 gex002. doi: 10.1093/mutage/gex002


Survey for MBA Thesis

This research is part of Oliver Schicht's MBA thesis in the Zurich Institute of Business (now CEIBS) in collaboration with the Ashridge Business School. The main goal is to understand the use of social media of well educated people, as not much is known about the behavior of this specific group. All data collected will be treated strictly confidential and are only part of this thesis.

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