Scientific programme

Provisional programme

Confirmed speakers

- Keynote speaker: David Kirkland - Kirkland Consulting
  "Recent perspectives on the regulatory use of the comet assay"

- Emilio Rojas - National Autonomous University of Mexico
  "Live and born in a polluted area; mother-newborn relationship"

- Peter Møller - University of Copenhagen
  "Searching for assay controls for the FPG- and hOGG1-modified comet assay"

- Massimo Moretti - Università degli Studi di Perugia
  "Comet assay in salivary leukocytes for the evaluation of early biological effects of air pollution exposure in children"

- Rachael Akpiri - University of Birmingham
  "Application of the comet assay to detect metal-induced DNA strand breaks in cultures of the marine sponge    Hymeniacidon perleve and Amorphinopsis sp."

- Desmond Cave - BioReliance
  "The comet assay in the evaluation of the genotoxicity of inhaled compounds"


Final programme

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