Scientific programme

Speakers and Session topics:

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Keynote opening lecture:

Olga Lavrik (Russia) - "The relevance of studying DNA damage and DNA repair"

Invited speakers:

- Bevin P. Engelward (USA): "CometChip cell microarray technology enables detection of carcinogenic DNA adducts"

- Giel Hendriks (The Netherlands): "The ToxTracker assay combined with the Comet assay as a tool for mechanism-based genotoxicity screening of nanoparticles"

- Andrew Collins (Norway): "High throughput genotoxicity testing of nanomaterials"

- Goran Gajski (Croatia): “Does a vegetarian diet influence genomic stability? Analysis of health-related biomarkers in vegetarians versus omnivores” 

- Lisa Giovanelli (Italy): "Dietary intervention with polyphenols and colon health biomarkers: focus on colon cancer chemoprevention".

- Matjaz Novak (Slovenia): "The relevance of zebrafish model for genotoxicity testing"

- Tahereh Setayesh (Austria): "Impact of weight loss on obesity induced genomic instability"

- Carla Costa (Portugal):”NEOGENE project: DNA damage in umbilical cord blood after in utero exposure to tobacco smoke”

- Elisa Boutet-Robinet (France): “Genotoxicity and lipids oxidative damage under occupational pesticide exposure: cross-sectional and longitudinal study in a farmer cohort”

- Cristiana Costa Pereira (Portugal): "Comet assay in bacterial cells – an effective tool for antimicrobial resistance studies?" 

- Peter Moller (Denmark): "Why analyzing assay controls is not just a waste of time in the comet assay”

- Roger Godschalk (The Netherlands): "Comparison of scoring software packages for automated analysis of comet assay output images".

Featured sessions:

- Round table discussion on the comet assay in regulatory testing and OECD approval

- Open discussion session on "Tips, Tricks & Troubelshooting"