Scientific programme

Speakers and Session topics will include:

Keynote opening lecture:

Olga Lavrik (Russia) - "The relevance of studying DNA damage and DNA repair"

Scietific sessions:

  • Nutrition, Dietetics & Nutrigenomics
    - Goran Gajski (Croatia): “Does a vegetarian diet influence genomic stability? Analysis of health-related biomarkers in vegetarians versus omnivores” 
    - Lisa Giovanelli (Italy): "Dietary intervention with polyphenols and colon health biomarkers: focus on colon cancer chemoprevention".
  • Non-communicable diseases
    - Tahereh Setayesh (Austria): "Impact of Weight Loss Strategies on Obesity Induced DNA Instability in Obese Mice"
  • The various application of the comet assay (e.g. DNA methylation, FISH, non-invasive samples, etc.)
    - Bevin P. Engelward (USA): "The Development and Validation of EpiComet-Chip"
  • Ecotoxicology & Environmental biomonitoring
  • Human Biomonitoring
    - Carla Costa (Portugal):”NEOGENE project: DNA damage in umbilical cord blood after in utero exposure to tobacco smoke”
    - Elisa Boutet-Robinet (France): “Genotoxicity and lipids oxidative damage after occupational pesticides exposure”
  • Nanotoxicology and genotoxicity testing
  • Round table discussion on the comet assay in regulatory testing and OECD approval
  • Open discussion session on "Tips, Tricks & Troubelshooting"
    - Peter Moller (Denmark): "Why analyzing assay controls is not just a waste of time in the comet assay”
    - Roger Godschalk (The Netherlands): "Comparison of various alternative scoring methods"


Draft programme